More people than ever before are discovering Cannabidiol (CBD) products and the list of the reported benefits of CBD keeps on growing.  

There are hundreds and thousands of testimonials which gush over the life changing benefits of CBD and campaigns for cannabis to be legalised worldwide are gaining never before seen momentum.  

However, with the recent legalisation of hemp and CBD in the United States, opportunists have eyed the chance to litter the marketplace with false information and poor quality products, just to make a quick buck.

It can be incredibly frustrating for CBD users to find out they have bought the wrong CBD product for their needs due to being misled, a product that just doesn’t work.  

Perhaps you too have tried to experience the marvelous benefits of CBD?  

Perhaps your CBD product has worked wonders for you, maybe it is has even been life changing.

And yet, for some who are reading this, you may be feeling incredibly frustrated that your CBD product just doesn’t seem to be working.  

I feel you, and when I started out using CBD oils, I fell into the same trap.  I was confused as to why CBD didn’t work for me. I thought I had been scammed and I was ready to give up on CBD.

But then I began to experiment more and more with CBD and before long all of the benefits I had imagined when starting out with CBD became a reality.  

If you are trying out a CBD oil or product but aren’t feeling any benefits yet, here are 5 reasons why that might be…

1. Are you using an authentic CBD Product?

The first step in figuring out why CBD isn’t working for you is to examine the product or products you are using.  

We need to find out if this product is what it claims to be.  

Unfortunately, companies out there are selling “CBD” products which are in reality anything but CBD products.

Not only can this be hazardous to your health, it is also highly unethical of these companies.  

This is one of the reasons we always recommend doing thorough research before you put a product into your body.

If you have been using a CBD product over time and are yet to experience any of the reported benefits, you need to examine the contents of your product.

Some false CBD products contain either a very low quality or percentage of CBD and, in some cases, none at all.   

Q. How can we check a CBD products authenticity?

CBD Oil or Hemp Oil?

Step 1: determine how your CBD was produced 

Was it produced using hemp seeds or other parts of the hemp plant?

This is the most common trap for CBD users seeking the full medicinal benefits of a CBD oil.  

If your product is derived from hemp seeds it likely contains CBD but it is not a CBD oil.  

Hemp oil or Hemp seed oil is a dietary supplement and a weaker form of full blown CBD oil, yet, mainly due to advertising restrictions (You still can’t buy real CBD oils on some globally recognised online stores) many hemp oils try to pass themselves off as CBD oils by sticking “CBD” in large letters on the packaging.  

Hemp oils provide a nutritional boost and contain Omega 6 and Omega 3 but will not work as well as CBD oils in delivering the reported medicinal benefits because they have a weaker concentration of CBD.

Step 2: Does your product contain enough CBD?

The label of your product should detail just how much CBD is packed inside.

If your CBD product does not contain a label then you should seriously consider throwing it out, you will have no idea what is in that product.

Look for the percentage of CBD on your label.  Genuine CBD oils will have Cannabidiol (CBD) as the main or major ingredient.  

If Cannabidiol is not the active ingredient in your CBD product then this would indicate why CBD is not working for you and why you are not experiencing the reported medicinal benefits, you have likely bought a dietary supplement or hemp oil. 

CBD oil or hemp oil?

Step 3: Find out if your product has been tested for purity by a third party tester.

The best CBD brands publish their third party lab results on their website or offer to send these results free of charge to customers who request it.  

These test results are very important in determining that you are about to purchase or have purchased a genuine CBD product.  

If a CBD brand does not publish these test results then you have to ask yourself the question, what are they trying to hide?  

So, one of the most common reasons CBD doesn’t work for some people is that they have bought the wrong product.  Many products out there will have very little benefits to your health if any. Do your research and avoid falling into this trap.  

2. Are you using your CBD product effectively?

CBD products can be used and consumed in different ways, some of these ways are more effective than others.

In my opinion, the most effective way to get CBD into your system and to experience CBD in its strongest, purest form is to ingest a genuine CBD oil sublingually via a tincture.

Here’s why:

CBD oils contain a set amount of milligrams of CBD per serving.

To experience the maximum benefits of CBD you need to get the correct dosage of CBD into your body.  

Dripping the correct dosage of CBD under your tongue and holding it there for 90 seconds to two minutes is the best way to get CBD into your system.  

The CBD in your product is absorbed into the mucus membranes in your mouth and enters directly into your bloodstream providing the maximum possible amount of CBD to interact with and support your endocannabinoid system.  This is when you will start to experience the full medicinal benefits of CBD.

While you can purchase CBD products in topical, edible, vape and capsule form.  These methods of CBD use are just not as effective.

When CBD does not enter your bloodstream directly its power is reduced.  

Eating or drinking a CBD product like a capsule or edible causes it to be processed via our digestive system, CBD will arrive to your endocannabinoid system and you will still experience some of the desired benefits but at a slower and weaker level.

Likewise, if you swallow a CBD oil too soon and don’t allow the oil to absorb into your bloodstream, you’ll be losing some of the power of your CBD product.  

3. Are you ingesting the correct dosage of CBD?

Everybody is different and every CBD user will require a different dosage of CBD to experience the best possible medicinal benefits.

While we strongly recommend starting off slow with CBD products to avoid feeling unwell from taking too high a dosage, taking too low a dosage will prevent you from experiencing the desired benefits of CBD.  

The right dosage for you will depend on a few key factors, mainly your weight, height and metabolism but also the severity of your need for relief.  

Take chronic pain for example, a CBD user with a lower weight and little pain will require a smaller dosage than a heavier user with severe chronic pains.  

There are aids to calculate the kind of dosages you will require, we recommend you find one to ensure that you are using a dosage of CBD that is going to be effective in fulfilling your desired level of the reported CBD benefits.

4. Are your expectations of CBD realistic?

Be careful what you read about CBD…

I have no doubt that CBD is a powerful method of relief and I have benefited from CBD first hand in my own life.

However, it is important that you understand too the limitations of CBD.

We live in a world of Fake News and it seems that everyday CBD is being touted as a ‘miracle cure’ to another condition.  Sadly, not all of these claims are true.

We have to consider all the facts about CBD before trying it out.  

We need to consider how much medical research has been carried out to substantiate these claims and until that medical research emphatically proves these claims, it is not advisable to raise your expectations above the known capabilities of CBD.  

So let’s look at the facts, CBD is a treatment that offers relief to those suffering from numerous ailments including chronic pains, insomnia, arthritis and anxiety.

However, the level of effectiveness against these ailments will of course vary from person to person.  

In your expectations of CBD, I’d recommend seeing CBD as a means of relief and coping.  

Those looking to CBD as an all out cure to their ailment may be heading down the path to disappointment.

CBD can help you a lot if used correctly, but even CBD has its limitations.  

Be careful who you believe on the internet.  I’ve seen some outlandish claims targeting desperate people, claims which are  positioned as fact but backed with no evidence whatsoever.

5. Are you giving CBD enough time?

How long have you given CBD?

Yes, some people try out CBD and get instant results on their first try.  

However, it can take weeks for others to begin to experience the benefits of CBD.

You are unique and there is no way of knowing just how long it will take your CBD product to have an impact on you.  

But be patient, persist with CBD, when I started out with CBD it took two months and three trial and error CBD oil purchases to discover any significant changes to my body.

Many CBD users never experience the true benefits of CBD because they give up on a good product after two weeks.

Before you decide that CBD doesn’t work for you, I implore you to stick with it for a couple of months more.  

The benefits will be evident soon enough.

Final Thoughts

So, If you’ve tried everything on this list and CBD is still not working for you, sorry!

But, I’ve got a pretty good feeling that at least one of these reasons will offer the solution to your problem.  


  • Check your CBD product is the real thing
  • Check that you are applying your CBD product in the best possible way
  • Check that you are using the right dosage of CBD
  • Check that your expectations are realistic
  • Give your CBD product time to work!

We hope that this guide has been of use for you and that you can use it to kick start your CBD experience.  

Comment down below if you have any further questions.  

Good luck

Thomas Alfred,
Editor of How2Hemp

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