CBDrop for the CBD Distillery
CBDrop for the CBDistillery

If you’re not an expert on CBD (Cannabidiol), all you need to know is that it is a product found within the Cannabis sativa plant.  

The incredible benefits of CBD are only just beginning to be understood by medical researchers, although it is already being widely used as a natural medicine to treat chronic pains, anxiety, insomnia and seizures.  

CBD does not cause any psychoactive side effects, so it won’t make you “high”.

CBD can be purchased in many forms including vapes, topical creams, gummies, edibles and drinks.

Two of the most common forms of taking CBD are CBD Oils and CBD capsules.

CBD oils come in a bottle / tincture form and work best when applied under the tongue, although they can be mixed with most food and drinks.

CBD capsules are ingested like a pill.

Both fulfill the duty of enriching your body with CBD, but there are few key differences between these products you should be aware of…

1. CBD oils are used for medicinal purposes and CBD capsules are used as a dietary supplement

Hemp based CBD oils are used for medicinal purposes, whereas, CBD capsules serve more as a nutritional supplement.

This is due to the difference in potency per mg of CBD which interacts with your body.

As hemp based CBD oils provide greater medicinal benefit they are regularly used to treat a host of ailments.  These include but are not limited to:

  • Aiding artery blockages.
  • Fighting Psoriasis.
  • Slowing nervous system degeneration.
  • Lowering high blood sugar levels.
  • Treating insomnia.
  • Reducing seizures and convulsions.
  • Relaxing muscle spasms.
  • Calming anxiety.
  • Easing nausea
  • Reducing vomiting.
  • Aiding low appetite.
  • Reducing inflammation.
  • Easing chronic pain.

CBD capsules are used as dietary supplement, they are filled with additional hemp and plant properties which will benefit your health and well-being when taken on a regular basis.  

They will however have a reduced effectiveness when used to tackle ailments in comparison to a hemp based CBD oil due their weaker potency….

2.  CBD oils have a greater potency than CBD capsules

CBD capsules are not as strong as hemp based CBD oils.  

This is due to the manner of which they are ingested.

CBD capsules are taken orally and swallowed where their compound is released slowly via your digestive system.

This however, severely limits the amount of CBD that interacts with your body’s endocannabinoid system.

This is the system in the human body which makes sure every part of your internal environment remains stable and optimal no matter the circumstances of the environment around you.

CBD Capsules from CBDistillery

Through oral ingestion the bioavailability (how much CBD is made available to your endocannabinoid system) is limited to just 6-15%.  

So when you take a 100mg dosage CBD capsule, in actual fact, only around 6 to 15 mg of CBD is able to support your endocannabinoid system.

Hemp based CBD oils on the other hand are much more potent as they interact with your body directly when taken sublingually (applied and held under the tongue).

Hemp based CBD oils allow us to bypass the digestive system by allowing the CBD to absorb directly into mucus membranes in the mouth and into the bloodstream.

Bypassing the enzymes in your digestive system means the CBD molecules you are ingesting are not broken down, they maintain their strength.

This greater bioavailability makes hemp based CBD oils the more potent option out of the two.

CBD capsules are taken orally and swallowed where their compound is released slowly via your digestive system.

CBD capsules are taken orally and swallowed where their compound is released slowly via your digestive system.

3. CBD Capsules have a much lower risk of over dosage than CBD oils

When using CBD products it is important that you take care in finding the right dosage.

The right dosage will vary depending on numerous factors including your height, weight and metabolism.  

Dosages also depend upon the ailment you are hoping to treat with CBD.  

CBD dosages to aid anxiety are significantly less than those required for chronic pain management.

CBD oils come with a much higher risk of over dosage.  

However, this is not the kind of extreme overdose that you may be picturing right now, CBD is not a hardcore drug!

No one has ever died from ingesting too much CBD.  

However, taking too strong a dosage of CBD will make you feel unwell, light headed and potentially drowsy.  It is not recommended.

Due to the manual application of CBD oils there is a higher risk of applying too much CBD.  

The correct dosage and instructions of use are always printed on the bottle and should be followed to avoid this.

CBD capsules, on the other hand, carry much less risk of over dosage due to the fact they are consumed in pill form and contain a set amount of CBD.  

300mg softgels from Joy Organics

4.  CBD Capsules are more practical than CBD Oils

CBD Capsules provide a far more convenient way to get your daily dosage of CBD.  

Each capsule is small enough to be carried around and consumed at your convenience.  

Whereas, CBD oils are applied via a tincture which is less ideal to be walking around with due to its fragile nature.

With CBD capsules you just pop one in your mouth, swallow and carry on with your day. It’s a two second job.

The correct way to apply a CBD tincture is to place a couple of drops under your tongue and to wait a minute or so for it to absorb into the mucus membrane in your mouth before swallowing.

Many CBD users opt to use capsules due to the fact it is the more practical option.  

5. CBD oils work faster than CBD Capsules

CBD capsules are a lot slower than hemp based CBD oils.  This is once again due to the manner of which they are ingested.  

When you swallow a CBD capsule the healthy products inside the pill are released slowly as they pass through your digestive system.

This limits the speed at which CBD can reach your body’s endocannabinoid system.

By passing through the digestive system CBD capsules take a little longer to deliver results, which is a disadvantage for those looking for quick relief.

Hemp based CBD oils take a more direct route to the body’s endocannabinoid system, bypassing the digestive system to deliver prompt and punchy benefits.

This added speed makes CBD oils a popular for users who require a rapid response to their ailment.

Conclusion:  CBD Oils or CBD capsules – which should I buy?

We would recommend those with a serious ailment and hoping to use CBD for medicinal relief to opt for a CBD oil.  Reasons being they offer faster, more potent results and you will feel the benefits sooner.

On the other hand, CBD Capsules would be a fantastic option for those seeking a nutritional supplement to boost their body’s endocannabinoid system slowly but surely.  

Capsules offer greater practicality and are a safer option with little risk of over dosage once you have found the right strength for you.

2 thoughts on “5 key differences between CBD oils and CBD Capsules

    1. So long as your CBD cream is hemp based (and clearly displays on the label that it is hemp based so that it can’t be confused as a marijuana based product), the TSA have been instructed to allow such products to travel. CBD products with less than 0.3% THC will get you through internal United States customs without a problem. This is your right according to the 2018 Farm Bill.


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