‘Around 54 million adults and 300,000 children in the U.S. have been diagnosed with a form of arthritis to date’… (Arthritis Foundation)

man in pain

After the legalisation of Marijuana across a growing number of states in America, it is no surprise that so many people suffering from arthritis are using medical marijuana to manage their ailments.

But now an alternative to marijuana has been legalized in the form of hemp based CBD oil.

Marijuana is an incredibly valuable plant in pain management and its value has caused this medication to be increasingly easy to get your hands on… In a select few states.   

But, what if marijuana is not available to you? What if there was another, arguably better, way to manage your arthritis and joint pain?

CBD oil is the new alternative to marijuana and there are several arguments to claim it is a better option for your pain management.

The benefits of using CBD oil as a tool against arthritis are becoming increasingly apparent following in-depth medical research into Cannabidiol and its positive effects.

Hemp based CBD Oils differ from marijuana based products, with the greatest difference being that the hemp based variety has a much lower natural THC count.  

This is arguably what has prompted its recent legalization in every state in the USA in the 2018 farm bill. (See page 1006)   

Here are some reasons why you should consider using CBD oil as the perfect treatment to manage arthritis.

Hemp based CBD Oil is legally required to limit THC

Probably the greatest difference in opting for a hemp based Cannabidiol (CBD) oil as an option for pain relief would be that it contains almost no THC by comparison to marijuana based products.  

Hemp based CBD oils are becoming a new favourite source of pain relief for an increasing number of rheumatoid arthritis sufferers.

CBD oils made from the Hemp plant contain much lower levels of THC than products derived from the marijuana plant.

Hemp based CBD oils are required by law to contain a THC level of below 0.3% and most trusted brands ensure this.

The lack of THC in these hemp based CBD oils means that they lack the psychoactive side effects of marijuana based CBD products which means a user of a hemp CBD oil will be able to continue with their without feeling intoxicated. A huge plus!

CBD oils derived from hemp will not make you “high”! And this can be an invaluable advantage to using a hemp based oil to tackle arthritis and joint pain.

How do Hemp based CBD oils ease the symptoms of arthritis?

Cannabidiol effects two powerful receptors in the human body and causes an anti-inflammatory effect, reducing the pain of arthritis.

CBD oils target the body’s CB1 and CB2 receptors, these receptors are the body’s main receptors responsible for controlling inflammatory effects on the body.

CBD oils work in the same way as marijuana does to achieve pain relief, minus the psychoactive side effects with are associated with THC.  

This is one of the key reasons CBD oil is a better alternative than marijuana based products for relieving pain brought on by rheumatoid arthritis.

Man holds head in pain

The positive effect of hemp based CBD Oils on the Immune System

Did you know that hemp based CBD oils provide added reinforcement to your immune system?

The positive effects of Cannabidiol on your immune system are possible due to the effect CBD oils have on the body’s CB2 receptor.

As you likely already know, rheumatoid arthritis is an autoimmune disease.

Rheumatoid arthritis causes severe pain due to the inflammation and swelling of the joints.

The role a hemp based CBD oil plays in your body is its cooperation with the CB2 receptor.

Think of cannabidiol as a reinforcement for your immune system.

Cannabidiol (CBD) latches onto the body’s CB2 receptors and provides additional support to the body’s immune system.

The role of the CB2 receptor is to transmit signals to the brain in order to reduce inflammation within the body and Cannabidiol boosts these signals.

While CBD is not an all out cure for arthritis it is an excellent tool to combat the severe pain in one’s joints.

Scientific studies have proven that CBD is a fantastic method to relieve pain in patients seeking non-psychoactive alternatives to marijuana based treatments.

Hemp based CBD Oils are readily available in the USA in many forms

CBD is continuingly finding its way into an ever-growing range of products.  Be it in its oil form, or in the form of capsules, vapes, topicals or edibles.

There is a perfect way for everybody to use CBD on a daily basis as a vital tool to help fight  joint pain.

Hemp based CBD oils are shippable to every U.S state, meaning a person suffering with arthritis doesn’t have to undertake a potentially painful journey to the store when CBD oils can be sent directly to their address.

Whereas, marijuana based CBD oils have not been legalised in every state as of January 2019 and therefore, the availability and legality of hemp based CBD products make them in my opinion, a better alternative for the masses than marijuana derived CBD products.

Hemp based Topicals allow direct application of CBD to painful areas

Hemp based CBD is always evolving and there has been a wave of topical creams arriving to the CBD market.  

These hemp based creams are a 100% legal way to apply Cannabidiol to a specific painful part of your body which is affected by joint pain or arthritis.  

This can provide fast pain relief and an incredible improvement in your comfort levels in just minutes.  

Following their legalization in 2018, creative hemp based CBD products are being created and the hemp based CBD market is exploding, this in turn means there is always a safe and powerful option to get your daily dosage of CBD.

Remember, there are no psychoactive side effects related to the application of a topical CBD cream treatment, meaning users can go about their day without intoxicating THC seeping into the skin.

Hemp based CBD is a Natural alternative to prescription drugs

Hemp based CBD oils are packed with natural properties which have been proven to soothe the body and reduce chronic pains.

While many use over-the-counter medications for pain management and to reduce inflammation, a natural alternative exists in hemp based CBD oils.

When a hemp based CBD oil is applied, over time it can offer a natural alternative to prescription pain remedies.

An alternative that does not induce any of the psychoactive side effects that marijuana based products are known for.

This makes hemp based CBD oils a safer option than marijuana based CBD products.   

Stick dummy holds leg in pain

You can take a Hemp based CBD oil on any U.S domestic flight

One major difference in using a hemp based CBD oil to manage arthritis pains is that you can take it on a state to state plane legally.

Hemp based CBD oils are legal across all states meaning flying internally with a hemp based CBD oil will not present you with the potential problems flying to some states which have not legalised marijuana based products.

Using a hemp based CBD oil can also reduce anxiety on a plane, without the feeling of being intoxicated, a nice added bonus for those considering to use hemp based CBD oils.

Hemp based CBD oils manage other health problems too

It is no secret that many people use hemp based CBD oils to tackle symptoms of anxiety and insomnia.  

A growing number of studies are backing CBD as the cannnabinoid that has the ability to have amazing effects on sufferers of anxiety.  

Those who suffer from anxiety may benefit from a regular dosage of CBD in their lives  as the hemp based CBD oils have been reported to reduce anxiety in public spaces and aid the sleep-wake cycle.

You may be able to use hemp based CBD oils as a two-pronged method to tackle anxiety and arthritis at the same time.

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