How does CBD help sleep and can it really be used to tackle insomnia?

Did you know that one of cannabis’ most popular uses is to aid sleep?

While smoking cannabis is still illegal in most states in the USA, CBD, one of the key ingredients in medical cannabis has now been legalized.

Studies on the benefits of cannabis have been conducted for decades with CBD being identified as the super cannabinoid (product) of the plant with the most healing potential.

One of the benefits of CBD that has captured the imaginations of the world is its ability to aid sleep.
CBD does not produce the “high” sensation associated with the other popular cannabinoid THC.

CBD works with the body’s endo-cannabinoid system, having a calming effect on the brain.

It is this aspect of CBD that makes it perfect for tackling sleeping conditions like insomnia.

CBD can have a positive influence on sleep patterns

How CBD can improve your sleeping pattern

Firstly, CBD’s ability to reduce anxiety can be hugely beneficial in aiding sleep.

By shortening what is now as the REM phase of sleep, a light phase fo sleep where we dream, the body transitions into the third phase of sleep much sooner.

This all important third phase is the deepest phase of sleep.

CBD is widely used across the world to improve sleep quality for its ability to put the mind at ease.

Night terrors and other anxious thoughts are calmed under the influence of CBD and this aids sleep.

When taken in small doses during the day, CBD increases alertness and even boosts mood and energy levels.

As a result, the cannabinoid can have a tremendous impact towards a healthy wake-sleep pattern.

A daily dosage of CBD has been found to slowly yet significantly increase the duration of periods of sleep and tackle insomnia in key research studies carried out on sufferers of post traumatic stress.

What is the best CBD product to help me sleep?

CBD Pure, one of our trusted brands, deliver a top range of hemp oil tinctures which promote improved sleep.

Ideal for beginners they offer three concentrations of tinctures

  • 100 mg
  • 300 mg
  • 600 mg

They have also launched in January 2019 new 750 mg soft gel capsules for those who prefer CBD in the form of a pill.

A brand you can trust, CBD Pure offer complete transparency in their products and you can even check out their third party testing results which show their products have been examined and are of the purest quality.

Check them out at

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